Sergio Bittanti (personal web page)

·         Professor of Model Identification and Data Analysis

·         Previous Courses: Controlli Automatici (for three years) and Teoria dei Sistemi (for seven years).

·         Research interests: identification, control, filters and predictors, adaptive systems, neural networks, history of science.

·         President of the 18th IFAC World Congress, held in Milan, 28/08 – 02/09, 2011, with about 3000 attendees from 73 different Countries.

·         Editor-in-Chief of European Journal of Control from 2003 up to 2013.

·         Former Associate Editor of:

o    Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation and Control

o    Statistics and Computing

o    Annual Reviews in Control

·         One of the founding member of EUCA (EUropean Control Association) and of SIMAI (Società Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale).

·         Author and coauthor of many significant publications on international scientific journals.

·         Author and coauthor of many textbooks in Italian, among which Introduzione all’automatica, Zanichelli, 2014. For Springer-Verlag: Identification, Adaptation, Learning (1996), The Riccati Equation (1991), Software Reliability Modelling and Identification (1989), Time Series and Linear Sistems (1986).

·         Organizer of the International School "From Identification to Learning" (Como,1994), organizer and coorganizer of the conferences "Robust Control Design" ROCOND (Milano, 2003), "Periodic Control Systems" PSYCO (Como, 2001), "Adaptation and Learning in Control and Signal Processing" ALCOSP (Como, 2001), "The Riccati Equation in Control, Systems and Signals" (Como , 1989), and "European Control Conference" (Roma, 1995). Moreover, together with R.E. Kalman, chairman of the workshop "New Horizons in System Theory" (Como, 1986).

·         National coordinator of the MIUR project Identificazione di Modelli, Controllo di Sistemi, Elaborazione di Segnali (1986-1993).

·         Coordinator of the PhD Programme in “Informatica e Automatica” at the Politecnico di Milano (1992-1998).

·         Supervisor of 14 PhD students.

·         Supervisor of about 300 master thesis.

·         Fellow of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) since 2001. Fellow of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) since 2008.

·         Member of the IFAC Council during the triennia 2002-2005 and 2014-2017.

·         Ambassador of the city of Milan (since 2011).

·         Philip Morris Prize for a vibration adaptive control system (1994).

Tutorial lectures given by: Marcello Farina (personal web page)

Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
Politecnico di Milano
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        Tel: 02 2399 3599

        e-mail: marcello.farina@polimi.it