Accessibility: Models and Applications
AA 2016/2017

Ing. Roberto Tedesco


2017-06-09: Slides "Groups and check-point lecture timetable" has been updated.

2017-05-30: Slides "Groups and check-point lecture timetable" has been updated.

2017-05-26: If you attended the practice 2, please send me your report (.docx file and HTML code) as soon as possible.

2017-05-24: Last lecture (wrap-up) is planned for June, Monday 19th.

2017-05-24: I published slides with groups and check-point lectures.

2017-05-22: By the way... don't forget that practice 3 is compulsory.

2017-05-22: Tomorrow we'll hold the "kick-off" lecture for practice 3. At least one person per group should be attending the lecture; we'll decide precise topics and goals per each group, as well as timetable for the check-point lectures.

2017-05-16: Slides in the "Advanced topics" section are extra material (i.e., don't expect questions about that part in the written part of the exam).

2017-05-12: Instructions for practice #2 "Web accessibility: evaluation and re-engineering": come with your own laptop; install a screen reader; groups up to 2 students; involved lectures: 2017/5/15 to 2017/5/22.

2017-05-12: Please, download the template for the accessibility report. Let me know if you find errors.

2017-05-09: By popular request, I added a third project theme.

2017-05-08: Updated tentative schedule for practices 2 and 3 has been published.

2017-05-08: Theme 2 has been published.

2017-05-08: I forgot to publish the slides presented by Sonia Cenceschi: "Autism and intellectual disabilities". Done.

2017-04-27: The registration period to Practice 1 "Meet persons with special needs at Esagramma" is over. See you in Esagramma ( on Saturday 29th, at 9:30. You should have received an e-mail with all the info (by the way, if you didn't confirm your participation, just ignore such e-mail...)

2017-04-11: Usually, in the morning of a call students give the written part of the exam, while in the afternoon they discuss the project. You can decide to attend only one of such sessions (i.e., giving the written part or presenting the project). Whenever I have both marks, one for the written part and one for the project, I'll give you the final mark. Students taking part in the same group should present the project in the same call (but this is not compulsory... I just strongly recommend it as it is more convenient). Finally, if you want to check the correction of your written part, come in the afternoon during the project presentation session.

2017-04-11: If you can't attend practice 3 meetings: remember that practice 3 IS compulsory as it gives you 30% of your final mark. If, for MOTIVATED reasons, you can't attend such meetings, please contact me as soon as possible. I'll try to give you something equivalent I can check at a distance. Anyway, keep in mind that for getting the mark you will be required to come to Como during exam calls to present the project.

2017-04-11: Clarification for practices and collection of signatures: attending practice 1 is not compulsory but we'll collect signatures to give +1 points to students who will attend the activity. Similarly, attending lectures of practice 2 is not compulsory but we'll collect signatures to give +1 point to students who will attend at least 3 out of 4 lectures. Finally, for practice 3, I'll decide with each group the check-point "lectures" to attend (and such meetings will be compulsory); I plan at least three check-point meetings for each group (once a week, basically). I also strongly recommend to attend the lecture on Wednesday May 17 (sort of "kick-off meeting" for practice 3, where we'll decide check-point schedule and other details) and the lecture on Monday June 12 (the "wrap-up meeting", where we can discuss last-minute fixes to your projects).

2017-04-11: A version of slides "OS and app accessibility" with minor fixes has been published.

2017-04-06: Please let me know, as soon as possible, whether you plan to attend the practice "Meet persons with special needs at Esagramma" on Saturday April 29th. Of course, I strongly suggest you to attend that activity!

2017-04-06: Lecture of Wednesday April 19 has been cancelled.

2017-04-06: I strongly suggest to attend the seminar during the lecture on Tuesday April 11th, where prof. Licia Sbattella will present topics about cognitive disabilities. She is the scientific director of the Esagramma non-profit organization, where practice 1 will take place.

2017-04-06: I strongly suggest to attend the ASPHI seminar during the lecture on Monday April 10th. I suggest to come with your own laptop with the JAWS screen reader.

2017-03-27: A slightly modified version of the file "Useful links" has been published.

2017-03-15: A slightly modified version of slides entitled "Accessibility and Interaction" has been published.

2017-03-08: Web site is on-line.


Course structure


Course introduction (lecture topics, practices, exam)

Devices and HCI

Interaction design

Interfaces and interactions


Special users: definition, profiling, and applications

Special users

ICF and ICF*

Human voice

Smart home

Web, document, and OS/App accessibility

Web Accessibility: A (not so) short introduction

APSHI lecture on web Accessibility

OS and App accessibility

Document accessibility

Advanced topics

BCI (Prof. Matteo Matteucci)

ARCSLab projects related to disability

3D environments (Dr. Alessandro Trivilini)


1. Meet persons with special needs at Esagramma

2. Web accessibility: evaluation and re-engineering

Accessibility report: a template (Word .docx).

Accessibility evaluation: What to to.

3. Supervised project

THEME 1: MAPS FOR EASY PATHS. Contact person: Sara Comai ( Description of theme 1.

THEME 2: GAME. Contact person: Roberto Tedesco. Description of theme 2.

THEME 3: ARCSLAB PROJECT EXTENSION. Contact person: Roberto Tedesco. Description of theme 3.


At the ARCSLab, students and researchers design models and technologies related to the development of adaptive and relational systems. Research topics include:

Theses are available on the aforementioned topics!