Accessibility: Models and Applications
AA 2017/2018

Ing. Roberto Tedesco


2018-05-30: Slides after the seminar "Human Language Technologies & Accessibility" (3.8 MByte).

2018-05-25: As you know, next Tuesday (May, 29th), we have a seminar on "Human Language Technologies & Accessibility", by Elena Lloret. Here is the abstract: "In this lecture, I will explain how Human Language Technologies (HLT) can support text accessibility in terms of helping or facilitating the understanding of a document's content or textual information. Students will learn different HLT techniques and resources that can be useful for this purpose, as well as projects and national and international initiatives that are working on this topic."

2018-05-14: Please, see the calendar for the check-point classes (look for the "supervised project" section of this page). This week classes are open to all groups, to start-up the projects. If your group does not appear in the calendar, please attend classes this week.

2018-04-09: Slides about Perception, presented by Sonia on March 14th, has bees (finally) published, under "Interaction design".

2018-03-27: Tomorrow the lecture will be held by Marina Vriz, a blind person who works for the ASPHI non-profit organization. The lecture will start at 11:00.

2018-02-20: Web site is on-line.


Course structure


Course introduction (lecture topics, practices, exam)

Devices and HCI

Interaction design

Interfaces and interactions



Human voice

Web, document, and OS/App accessibility

Web Accessibility

OS, App, and doc accessibility

Special users: definition, profiling, and applications

User profiles

Smart home


1. Web accessibility: evaluation and re-engineering

Accessibility report: the template to use.

Accessibility evaluation: What to to.

2. Supervised project

THEME 1: GAME. Contact person: Roberto Tedesco. Description of theme 1.

THEME 2: ARCSLAB PROJECT EXTENSION. Contact person: Roberto Tedesco. Description of theme 2.


At the ARCSLab, students and researchers design models and technologies related to the development of adaptive and relational systems. Research topics include:

Theses are available on the aforementioned topics!